Learning How Not to Fumble with a One Touch Rugby Ball

The technology that is being used to manufacture football has seen a sea change over the years. While the initial days saw footballs being manufactured out of inflated pig stomach wr

apped in leather, then came the balls made up of polymers and then high-quality leathers and what not!

Today, the best footballs are made up of high-quality leather as well as superior quality polymer, which remains unaffected by the weather and pitch conditions, unlike their earlier counterparts, which used to turn heavier, when exposed to wet and murky weather and pitch conditions.

The Modern Balls……

Take, for instance, the One Touch AFL balls, which That Training Balls offers. These balls are made up of high-quality synthetic material, which is the result of the relentless hard work of the specialists, who have been working hard to add value to the balls. These balls are not only made up of the best synthetic materials, but they come up with tiny pimples, which provide extra grip to the trainees. This helps the trainees to overcome the problems that surface up, not all of which have to do with the ability and the expertise of the trainees.

Given that a causal slip at the wrong moment could make a difference between being the victor and the vanquished in a match, these pimps go a long way to ensure that the trainees can master the skill of receiving and gripping the ball at the right moment in the right way, and release the ball in the right way, at the appropriate moment.

Thus, the One Touch footballs that we offer are the best in the making of a professional player right from a tender age. Indeed, these pimples on the surface of the four panels of the balls help in the improvement of the handling and the trainees can also wear those fingerless gloves, called mitts. Also, the best balls come with variable surface textures, which enables the trainees to have a better grip.  Thus, when the technology is available, it is wiser to make the best use of it by purchasing adequate training balls.

What the manufacturers think….

The manufacturers, in the way to come up with the modern balls, now consider the implications of the dynamic friction that is produced by the various loads, which are used in throwing, catching, and manipulating the balls with the use of various parts of the hand. They also take into account the way the characteristics of the pimples of the synthetic surface, like the one present on One Touch rugby balls, may interact with the skin or the mitts, under various conditions during the training.

As per the experts, when rugby balls are used in dry conditions without any mitt, the ones that have closely placed mitts turn out better for gripping. However, when the condition is muddy or wet, the density of the pimples would allow the formation of a film of moisture. Hence, in these conditions the balls will have less dense pimples, wil perform better. That is the reason, the One Touch balls come up with moderately placed pimples so that it works fine in both dry and wet conditions.

That is perhaps the reason why the experts always recommend the trainees to buy One Touch training rugby balls from That Training Ball.

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