What makes the Ross Faulkner One Touch AFL Footballs so Adored?

While earliest rugby balls were much rounder, with time their shapes have got changed and today they are more like military submarines with fatter belly and more tapering ends at the two edges. Plus, a long evolution has been carried, in regards to the materials that are made up of. The modern rugby balls are either made up of pure leather, or synthetic leather.  Of them, the ones made up of high-quality pure leather are deemed the best in terms of longevity, behavioural genuinity off the air, and uniformity of weight under various pitch and weather conditions.

That is why the companies that offer rugby balls made up of high-quality leather are always more adored and admired. More so, when it comes to training, these pure leather rugby balls would come in handy in a great way. Take, for instance, the Ross Faulkner One Touch rugby training balls. These are deemed to be amongst the best when it comes to training boys and girls of various age groups. Indeed, the company comes up with separate balls of varying weight and size for different age groups of trainees. We at That Training Ball pride over the fact that we offer all of them online.

The Difference the balls’ materials make

The quality materials of One Touch AFL balls not only allow the balls to be manufactured more cost-effectively, which reduces their prices, but it also makes the balls better equipped to deal with various weather and pitch conditions and wear and tear-proof with very high water resistance. Besides, the surface of the balls is matte finished, to help in better handling and to indulge in better aerodynamics, which helps the balls to behave in a better and more uniform way.

A Better Passing Performance

One of the most notable characteristics of the One Touch footballs from Ross Faulkner is its astounding performance while being passed at training sessions. As the ball flies through the air, it experiences some fundamental forces.

Thrust – When the trainee throws the ball in a particular direction

Lift – It maintains the flight of the ball through the air

Gravity –It draws the ball towards the ground

Drag –It slows down the ball’s movement through the air

Now the perfect aerodynamic shape of the One Touch balls would bring in a perfect balance between these forces, thus helping them behave a genuine and uniform way off the air during the training sessions, giving more control of the trainees on them. And more, the matte finish that we had mentioned earlier about would help in better and more profound grip, just like the Formula One tyres. Certain balls would come up with grip pits, which are made up of softer materials that the main surface, but they wear out at the end a single season. From that point of view, surfaces with a matte finish are more stubborn and will serve the purpose seasons after seasons, if you take care of the ball.

Thus you see, the surface and the perfect shape of the Ross Faulkner training balls make them all the more adored and appreciated.

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