What Makes the Ross Faulkner AFL Balls So Popular? A Generic Discussion

If you have a knack of being a professional footballer you need you need to train hard from a very early age. And you need to train in a proper way, with the proper ball, which will help you master the skills and techniques of the game in a proper way.

You have a lot of AFL training balls to look for. However, the best of these training balls is the Ross Faulkner One Touch AFL training football from That Training Ball. But why is it so?? Why does this particular training ball score over the other balls? Here are some reasons for your perusal.

They are made up of high-quality leather

If you are planning to opt for a training AFL football, the One Touch Ross Faulkner ball is the best choice. The ball is made up of high quality leather. This means, no matter what might be the condition of the pitch or the weather, the ball will never get heavier or have other changes in terms of weight. It will have a true flight off the air, a predictable trajectile that will help the trainees to learn the technicalities in a proper way.

The stitch is internal

The high quality stitches are concealed and hence, this means , there is no unwanted friction of the stitch with the air during the flight of the ball that might cause unpredictable swerves or deviations. All said and done, this also contributes to the true behaviour of the ball off the air.

The shape is carved out of high end technology

There One Touch AFL Balls for training from Ross Faulkner come with a perfect balance between the size and the shape that is derived out of high-tech wind tunnel testing, which ensures that there is less friction in the air. This helps in a better flight and speed while in the air.

The bungee cord and the adjustable jacket

The ball comes with an adjustable bungee cord that is attached to a jacket and this helps the trainees in mastering skills like teeing, shooting, gripping, running with the ball, receiving it, releasing the ball while on the move, and the likes.

All these help not only improve on the skills but will also help in increasing the muscle strength, with the ball skills, the energy level, the increasing the muscle mass of the lower portion of the body, and the likes.

Above all, this particular ball from That Training Ball is cost-effective and you can easily buy the Ross Faulkner AFL ball online from us. We have a highly competent customer service department that will help you out no matter whether you are in Australia or you are out of it.

Hence, in order to buy the ball online or for resolving further queries, call us at 02 93993575 or 0490 388 954 if you are calling from Australia or 0061 2 93993575 or 0061 490388954 if you are inquiring from our of Australia. You can be assured that once you have this AFL football training ball, you have one of the most coveted training balls, which would help the budding footballers of tomorrow to learn the skills unblemished.

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