How Do the Stitches of the One Touch Ross Faulkner AFL Ball Make the Difference?

The Ross Faulkner One Touch AFL balls that we come up with at THAT TRAINING BALL are made up of high-quality leather that makes it soft, lighter, and predictable off the air, thereby helping the trainees to master the technicalities of AFL. Now, when we speak of these AFL training balls, it is not all about the shape, which is streamlined, the material, which is high-quality leather, but something more intricate. We are talking about the stitches. Well, they may appear trivial, but they play a major role in the flight and other functionality of the ball!


Here the ways are!

If you take a closer look at a Ross Faulkner One Touch AFL ball, you will find that the ball comes with concealed stitches, or in other words, stitches that are not visible. They are internally sown and that makes quite a few differences.

They remain protected

Indeed, these concealed stitches do not come in contact with the ground during the training. Thus, they do not suffer the wear and tear, (albeit the high quality of strings used) and they last for a very long time.

When it comes to these balls being used during training the rain, the stitches of One Touch Ross Faulkner AFL Ball for Kids do not get exposed to the elements like rain and mud. Prolonged and repeated exposure to these elements of these stitches makes them soft and eventually, they snap, affecting the structural integrity and the behaviour of the ball either. This is one of the main reasons why the ball and its behaviour remains unaffected due to wet, rainy, and muddy conditions. This plays a crucial role in the training of the budding players, as you cannot expect every training institution to have high-quality turf pitch that will not accumulate water and not get muddy during downpours.

They help in flights 

Exposed stitches make a lot of difference in the flight of the ball. This is applicable in the case of soccer balls as well as AFL balls. However, due to the shape of the AFL balls, the external stitches have a more profound effect on the flight of the ball than what happens in the case of soccer balls. They obstruct the flow of air and this has an adverse effect on the flight of the ball, causing erratic behaviour during the flight, more so on windy days.

However, when the stitch remains inside, there is no such probability. Thus, when it comes to discussing Ross Faulkner AFL Balls for ladies, they remain unaffected by the conditions and they behave genuinely, thus helping in better training.

All these are the result of the state of the art technology that has been adopted while manufacturing the balls, which include wind tunnel testing –something that perfects the shape of the balls that help in flight and speed in a great way.

Thus, if you are looking for AFL training balls for kids – be it for girls or boys opt for Ross Faulkner AFL Training Balls from That Training Ball. They are unique. For further details, call us at 0490388954 or 0293993575 if you are calling from within Australia, and Ph 0061 2 93993575 or 0061 490388954 from out of Australia.

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