Why Do One Touch Rugby Balls from Ross Faulkner Perform So Perfectly?

The way a rugby ball will behave and the extent of its accuracy depends on a number of factors. Of them, the material it is made up of, the size, the weight, and the nature of the surface of the ball and even its stitches make a substantial difference. Now when we speak about our Ross Faulkner One Touch AFL balls all these factors play a major role behind the success of the ball as training equipment for the grooming players. In fact, most of the budding rugby players would vouch for That Training Ball, mainly because these balls perform perfectly in all conditions, thereby helping them in proper training.

The ball’s flight through the air….

These balls are made up of high-quality leather, with the seam of the stitch being concealed. And if you look at the leather surface, it does not have those blunt spikes, and many other training balls would contain. Yes, the leather is not glossy and has a matte finish, but that’s the hallmark of any high-quality leather. Now, this has got a three-pronged advantage. Firstly, the superior quality leather makes the ball light, even in wet conditions. Secondly and thirdly, the concealed seam of the stitch and the absence of spikes on the surface respectively results in minimal friction with air during its flight, thus keeping its projectile path genuine, trustworthy, and predictable, enabling better control by the training.

But how…..

While traveling through the air, a rugby ball always follows a parabolic or curved path, as the ball’s vertical movement through the air is always influenced by the gravitational force. Now, as the ball travels up, this force of gravity slows it down, till the ball stops for a brief period at the maximum height of its flight path, and then it accelerates under the influence of gravity and starts coming down. This is where the mass or the weight of the ball makes a difference. Being lightweight and with minimal friction with the air due to the sleekness of its surface,  the One Touch Rugby Ball from Ross Faulkner follows a uniform and predictable path, during its entire projectile motion, starting from its launch till it comes down.  The structure of the ball influences three factors:

  • The speed or the speed at which the ball is kicked or thrown
  • The angle of the throw or the kick
  • The Rotation of the ball during the flight

The ball’s rotation…

The ball’s rotation, spiral, or end-to-end one will determine how the ball will slow down during the flight, as the balls are affected by something called air drag. A spiraling pass will have a lesser air drag, and thus will not slow the ball down and will help the ball stay in the air for a long period and fly further. Here again, the aerodynamically designed One Touch Football from Ross Faulkner is a perfect choice much due to its lightweight, streamlined design that passes through a series of wind tunnel testing (WTT) before hitting our stands.

Thus you see, if you are to train with the best AFL training ball, a Ross Faulkner ball available at That Training Ball store should be your first choice. For further details dial us at 02 93993575 (Telephone) or 0490 388 954 (Mobile).

If you are calling from out of Australia, call us at 0061 490388954 (Mobile) or 0061 2 93993575 (LandLine).

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