Key Benefits of Practising With Moose Kicking Tee for Rugby

Nothing feels better for a rugby enthusiast to shot the ball with 100% accuracy while on the ground. The mastery of the drop punt technique somehow decides the credibility of the rugby player on the field. To make sure the technique is perfected by consisting of training, you need to have a kicking tee available at the online store of That Training Ball.

Many have questioned the credibility of the tee for rugby claiming that it has no future. However, over the years, the popularity of this particular equipment has increased significantly. Therefore, just like the need of right training ball, getting the right kicking tee has also turned out to be a requirement for the aspiring players.

Let’s give you some insights about our moose kicking tee highlighting it’s benefits for sports enthusiasts.

A Perfect Kick



As mentioned above, it helps in perfecting the drop punt technique. Without identifying the best impact point in the foot, it is not possible to maintain the accuracy of the drop punt technique.

It Gives a Better Flight to the Ball

football tee


You can expect to secure an excellent flight of the ball in the air. In rugby, the rule of success is to kick the ball as high as you can. In this way, the player secures time for the other teammates to run and adjust their position accordingly to catch the ball in the right direction when it is about to come down to the ground. Only a good kicking tee can make it possible for the players.

Excellent Suitability



One of the best things of using kick tee is it offers flexibility to the players. It is suitable for all age groups of players. Secondly, it matches with rugby codes. And, last but not least, you will not need to adjust the ball size according to the tee as it fits all the sizes.

Flexible than Kicking Cones



As one of the leading sellers of soccer training equipment in Australia, we can predict that the kicking tees will gradually push out the standard cones that were being used previously in an extensive way because players find it flexible to do their practice and training with the kicking tees.

Experts suggest that for a perfect drop punt, the player’s foot needs to pass underneath the ball without facing any obstruction. However, you know that very well that the kicking cones never offer such flexibility to the players.

And Some Add-Ons…

Apart from these primary benefits of these kicking tees, there are other benefits attached to these kicking tees too. Because of its unique design, it is easily visible while on the field. So, there is less chance of missing it. As there is no age bar for these tees, it can uses in both senior and junior level practice sessions and matches. Moreover, the snap-fit assembly is perfect for proper ankle orientation too. The tee also features a direction indicator that is moulded to rectify the kick orientation for the novice and young players.

Final Words

So, these are some of the features and attributes of using kicking tee on the Rugby ground. Grab one for yourself from our online store before the stock is cleared and never face difficulty in passing a straight high kick.

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