Why One Touch Football Training is Necessary for Young Players?

There is entirely no doubt about the fact that the trends of football training have been evolved over time. And, those changes are being implemented from the junior level to make sure the process of making some real footy champs for future gets started as early as possible.

One Touch Football – What it is All About?


Today, we are here to discuss about ‘one-touch football’. If you are a soccer lover and especially is a fan of watching the popular clubs such as FC Barcelona, Arsenal and Chelsea, you must be aware this particular type of gaming skill. For those who are new in the block, here is some insight first.

One touch football is a gaming pattern where shooting or the passing the ball is done by the player with a single touch other than dribbling with it. It is not only about the passing skills only, but this particular training style can improve the individual stability and teamwork of the young players too.

So, here lies the necessity of getting the young player a one touch AFL training ball recommended by the footy coach. Scroll down with the collection of That Training Ball, and you will find some great picks there.

But, first get to know the extensive benefits of practising with this particular training ball.

Getting the Young Players a Real Game Experience


That’s the first thing that coaches keep in mind. It is not at all a great idea to involve the young players in the game that is far from the real field experience. It’s a possession-based playing style.

Although some say that keeping the ball possession for too long is not an ideal thing but in reality, the mid-fielders gain a lot with this playing style, it helps the players to speed up on the field, making quick passes to other players and score a goal without even letting the opposition touch it.

However, one needs to remember that one touch playing is a skill that is required at some point. In tight situations, when the player needs to run the ball quicker than usual is the time when the players need to use it.

It Enhances Team Coordination


Football is always teamwork. One player can never bring victory. And, that’s why team coordination or understanding the gaming style of the fellow players is so crucial for the footy players.

One touch game stylepromotes teamwork. It’s restricted within one or two touches, and you have to pass the AFL training ball to the other team member who may be following the same pattern and move with the ball faster.

It’s evident that without a sound coordination, it is just impossible to achieve.

Summing Up

When it comes to catching up with speed in the field, there is rarely any alternative compared to one-touch soccer playing. It’s essential for the young footy players to develop this particular skill from the primary level so that their footwork and speed both go hand Summing Up in hand. Combining dribbling with one touch playing style will prove to be a significant advantage for the players on the field.

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