Tees and Training Balls – How They Help in the Making Of a Player?

Football is a pressing sport – and when compared to soccer, it’s an understatement. It demands prolonged physical engagement, and a picture perfect understanding between the players. Naturally, a highest level of expertise in an absolute MUST for a notable performance on the pitch.

However, above all, the player would need extreme physical stamina and strength, which can be acquired through a thorough and prolonged training both with and without the balls and accessories.

Naturally, the training kit plays a pivotal role in the making of a player and that is where accessories like a Mark Master training football makes all the difference.

Hence, if you are looking for a training ball of the quality as high as that of Mark Master, get in touch with us at That Training Ball. We will deliver the training ball of your choice in a jiffy!

How Do the Training Balls Make a Difference?


Here, the question that might tickle your psyche is, what makes the Mark Master balls so famous?

Frankly speaking, it’s the material that makes the difference between a good and an average training ball, and again, here is where Mark Master scores over the others. Firstly, these balls are available in sizes that are appropriate for the trainers. Also, the fact that they are mainly made up of foam with no inner tube makes them even lighter, softer, and safest for the trainees and the younger players.

The surface is such that the young buddies feel no problem in gripping them and carrying out all their maneuvers and training techniques.

Hence, when it comes to training and practicing various ball skills, these training balls are the best. Things like kick-offs and tackling, and other highly demanding with-the-ball drills can be perfected with the help of these training balls.



These Mark Master footballs look complete with super strong vinyl, and they come with a sturdy bungy chord, which remains attached to the interior of the ball and these chords are factory-fitted.

They also come up with a padded wrist strap, which has a swirl that will help the chord to stay free and not get entangled with hand or any other structure. However, it can easily and quickly removed even if it gets entangled. In the nutshell, Mark Master training balls are built to last long and withstand even the most rigorous training sessions.

The Kicking Tee


We at That Training Ball, are surely NOT all about training balls, but also about the other accessories that you use while training. Take for instance, the football kicking tee that we offer.

A high quality Moose kicking tee would help the trainees to get the feeling of connecting the ball in a proper way and listen to that beautiful thud of the impact when they hit the ball with all their strength.

A quality tee would help them learn a lot – including mastering the art of backward spins, end-over-the-end and the likes, while kicking off.

In fact, it would help them master the art of kicking in no time. That is why, getting the best and the perfect kicking tee is an imperative and that’s where we at That Training Ball have excelled in the truest sense!!

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