What are the Proven Benefits of Practising with Football on a String?

When you are looking for a perfect training ball that suits your age and methods of practising, there are a few attributes you will certainly want to have. There is a perception that using smaller balls during the training sessions can actually turn you into a better performer as these balls help the players develop better control on the balls.

On the other hand, experts often suggest going for a more robust outer shell for the training balls to improve the resilience of the feet. The match balls will certainly be smoother on grass than the training balls and practising with a not-so-smooth training ball beforehand will certainly make the shots more accurate and forceful.

There are indeed heaps of benefits that the soccer training ball can leave a future player with. But, what is with those training balls that come with a string? Are those used for any different type of footy training? Let’s find out in the following.

String Balls Empower Bi-lateral Performance


That’s one of the biggest reasons for the experts to recommend this particular training ball frequently. Initially, when the players start practising, he or she automatically develops a tendency to take the shots with one foot they are compatible with.

However, to emerge as a professional footballer, in the long run, a player needs to learn the art of using both the feet equally. Of course, improvement of football skill is assured with this specific training ball.

Increases the Practice Session


The added advantage along with making the player two-footed of using this specific training ball is, the time of practice session will get increased. The players may initially run out of energy while practising in the field and for that reason, the ball with strings attached to it is considered to be less hectic for the players.

Helps in Gaining Rhythm

It is one of the most significant benefits of using AFL football on a string as it helps the players to gain a rhythm in the practice session. The players become more comfortable in managing the ball appropriately. It also empowers players to develop dribbling skills too. The ultimate impact of practising with this training ball can be found on the match where you can make use of the resilience, power and rhythm that you have achieved for such a long time.

Summing Up

Here are some facts for you. Most famous footy clubs such as A.C. Milan, the Belgian FA and FC Metz have recommended the string based training ball and also promote these specific balls in their training field. Over the years, a practice session with these training balls has strengthened the skills of some of the most famous soccer players in the world.

So, if you had any doubt in your mind till now, hope it has gone away now. Check out our collection of training balls here, on our website, That Training Ball and start practising to become the footy star playing in any of the famous Australian football clubs in the near future.

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