Tips to Master Some of the Crazy Kick-tricks With AFL Training Ball

As a kid, if you are a serious football fan and dream of playing for a county or your country, then the very first thing that you need to focus on is how to handle the football. A successful football player spends several hours between the goal posts practising on how to deceive the opponent during the game and score a GOAL. Everyone is gifted with talent; however hard work is always needed to hone it.

With the availability of several football practising equipment, it has been almost easier for the football aspirants or the fanatics to sharpen their footy skills. Watching their favourite players on the idiot box for their signature move and trying to replicate is the dream of every such individual. Whether it is the Dutch’s Johan Cruyff faking to pass the ball before dragging it into the opposite direction or Ferenc Puskas’s signature ‘V’ move- everything has been possible because of the hours of dedicated practice.

“Mastering the Talent is Prolonged Hours of Attention”

Believe it or not, you cannot succeed in the game unless you master your talent. Using different kinds of equipment is going to sharpen your skills. However, what is much needed is to transfer or pass the ball with the right intensity of kick. A practice session with an AFL training ball is going to be helpful in this perspective. A precise kick is always going to be the game changer, even during the last minutes of the play.

The more you practise, the more will be your level of confidence. Apart from this, the precision technique is always going to boost the reliability of the team on you.

The following are some of the effective ways by which you, as a football aspirant, are going to eliminate some of the bad techniques in the game of football and increase the precision—

Ascertaining the Kicking Foot is Apt and Precise


Practising the right way to kick is the prime criterion in the game. During the practice hours, the player needs to concentrate on practising the kick with the specially designed footy from That Training Ball. The individual must make sure that the contact with the ball is instep rather than hitting straight over the laces.

This precision in the kick is going to define how well and accurately you are going to pass the ball to your teammate.

Placement of the Standing Foot


Apart from the kicking foot, the standing foot defines how well the football can be passed. The practice ball is going to ascertain that this foot always remains either in front or side of the football instead of being behind. Few hours of practice with a footy on a string is going to help you in keeping a balance of your body while giving a pass.

Ensuring the Correct Follow Through


Merely kicking the ball for the pass is not going to help unless you do not provide the proper follow through. During the practice hours, the person needs to employ an efficient follow through to the ball to ensure that it goes just in the right direction after hitting the foot. Mastering this kick-trick is one of the essential ways to be efficient in this game.


The proper use of the practice equipment is always going to be beneficial in honing the footy skills. The companies like That Training Ball, which are associated with the sports equipment, make sure that they supply the standard and the right products to better the effectiveness of training.

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