Role of a Quality Training Rugby Ball in Mastering the Passing Skills

One of the most important chapters of rugby training is mastering the passing and catching skills, more so when on the run. Rugby is a body contact game that is played at high speed. It’s a power game as well, where every second matters, when making a move towards the opponent’s goal. There has to be a coordinated attack, which all depends upon the sync between the players. Here is where passing and releasing the ball on the run gets too crucial. Thus, if you are looking forward to being a successful professional, you need to master these skills. Here is where the role of a quality rugby training ball comes into play. But to know the role of the ball, you need to know the training drills. 

Passing Skills

When it comes to mastering the passing skills, there are three types of passes to know about…

  • Clearing pass 
  • Short Pass 
  • Long Pass 

Cleaning Pass

Before you release the ball for a clearing pass, you need to put your back foot close and tight to the ball.  Then you need to bend your knees, and get down backward, and transfer the weight from the back leg to the frontal one, as you sweep the ball off the deck for the pass. Here is where the weight of the ball along with its grip will come into play. 

As a trainee, you must opt for a ball that is lightweight and comes with a solid grip that helps you to have authority on the ball. Buy the one touch rugby training ball that we offer at That Training Ball as it comes in various sizes to suit your age group. Plus, the high-quality material will help you to have that right grip. It will, in turn, help you to exert that right amount of thrust that will help the ball in the topspin, which will take it to the player the pass is intended for.  

Short Pass

This is one of the integral parts of a coordinated attack, more so when you need to launch it within a small clearing space. To master the short pass, you need to bend your elbows at a certain angle and have a solid grip on the ball with your fingers spread evenly around for a rock-solid control. Here again, the grip and the weight of the ball come into play. The release of the ball has to be a simple one, minus that customary spin of the wrist, which gives rise to that topspin. Remember, a short pass is not a spiral or spin pass as the ball is not supposed to traverse a longer distance. 

Thus, again, the weight of the ball will come into play for a trainee like you. When you get a One Touch Rugby ball you can be sure of its proper weight and behaviour on the air, which matters the most in these passes. Remember, any false move of the air will be the cause of concern for the player looking forward to catching the pass from you. 

Long Pass

The long pass is the same as its shorter counterpart, with the only difference being, in this case, you will have to bring your fingers into play, to determine the trajectory or the direction of the ball. Again, quite understandably, using a quality training ball, as good a Ross Faulkner Rugby Training ball will help you a lot.  

Thus you see, we at That Training Ball come up with the best rugby training balls, which will help you to grow up to be a master rugby player, with solid skills. To buy our products online, call us at 02 93993575 or 0490 388 954 of you are calling from within Australia. In case you are out of Australia, call us at 0490388954 or 02 93993575.

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