Tips of AFL Training in Rain with the Ross Faulkner Training Ball

The AFL is not the Big Bash! Thus, you cannot shy away from rain and wet conditions, unlike in cricket. Therefore, if you are training for AFL, you need to embrace wet weather conditions. You need to follow certain specific training drills to master the techniques of playing rugby in rain. It’s a challenge to remain upbeat when it comes to playing in rain and in wet conditions.

At times, your customary ability to perform suffers a setback because of the weather conditions. That is when your shoulders droop down. That is the reason, the training has to be as rigorous as it can be, and you must have the best ball when you practice. This is where a quality Ross Faulkner Training Ball comes in handy. 

Remember, the aspects of the game that are affected the most during a heavy downpour or wet conditions are passing, lineouts and ball into contact. This is where strict warm-up drills with quality balls come in handy. And this is where using quality rugby training balls for men and women from Ross Faulkner will make a difference. 

Warm-up drills on the pitch with the ball

While on the pitch, it’s important to practice running and handling, and that too at the start of the main training session. It is essential to practice lineouts in rain, as lineouts get a beating in rain. Thus, it is better to practice line outs early on. However, players generally do not appreciate practicing line outs during rain. This is because they have to stand out there in the middle in rain, waiting for a ball that gets increasingly heavy and slippery in rain. This is where using a Ross Faulkner AFL ball for men will make the difference. Firstly, its weight remains unaffected because of the rain, and the better quality material ensures that grip never deteriorates.  

Mastering the Art of Passing in Rain

At first, you need to practice passing without pressure, working more on the varieties of passes that will work out the most in rain. Here again, the quality of the ball will make a huge difference. 

The Floor Ball

In rugby, wet weather implies more spilled balls. In other words, a certain extent of time of training has to be exclusively focused on how to deal with the ball in rain on the floor. The drill has to be all about practicing the best ways of falling on the ball or the ruck. It is all about practicing the best ways of presenting the ball to the scrum-half. Most of the scrum-halves will expect the ball to be picked up, rather than digging deep into the muddy mess. And this applies in the case of men’s as well as women’s games. Naturally, the quality Ross Faulkner AFL Balls for ladies and men alike will make a difference here. These balls come in excellent materials, which are lightweight and they would never turn heavier, this making practice of floorball much easier. 

Practicing the kicks

Kicks take a new dimension in rain. If the ball is not of good quality, they will dip, swerve, tap false paths during flights, making it a goalkeeper’s and the receiver’s nightmare. Drop goals, as well as the kick restarts, will be even more difficult, but for a quality ball. And so will be kicking and chasing. In fact, if you do not have a quality ball, chasing kicks and recovering them will be an impossible task to attain in rain. This is where it is so much important to put stakes on a quality ALF training ball. What better name can you consider for purchasing them, than That Training Ball?

With balls of various sizes for trainees of different age groups for both men and women, we are your one-stop solution if you are looking for quality AFL training balls. Call us at 02 93993575 or 0490 388 954 if you want to call from within Australia. If you would like to call from abroad, call on 0061 490388954 or 0061 293993575.

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