Sherrin Size 2 AFL Leather Football – The Best Christmas Gift For Your Kid

Are you looking forward to getting the best training ball for your kid this Christmas? Look for none other than Sherrin Size 2 AFL leather footballs. They come in red and yellow, and are a perfect gift for any Junior, or an Auskick AFL trainee between the age of 4/5 and 10/11 years. But what makes it your automatic choice as you look for them in a sporting goods store? Let us see.

Sherrin Size 2 AFL Leather Footballs

What are its features?

Though the ball comes predominantly in red, yellow versions are also available, and in both the versions, the ball comes in the best quality of leather. The ball is pretty lightweight, and because of the superiority of the quality of leather, it ensures its weight does not increase when it is wet or muddy. This helps the trainees a lot, more so when it comes to mastering the technical skills of the game. The lightweight of the balls would help them with mastering certain basic skills like retaining the ball during the runs with the ball, catching the ball in the run, passing it short as well as long.

The balls do not come with spikes or studs. Still, the lightweight of the ball would pose no trouble to the trainees, even during the early days of training, while gripping and carrying.

The embedded stitches make a difference

When the trainees practise with average quality training balls, one of the most intimidating issues they face is the sudden change in the flight direction of the balls. With little experience and with just a handful days of training, this sudden change of the flight direction & speed of the ball leaves the trainees confused. They are not able to catch it properly. When that happens, there remains a major lacuna in mastering the catching skills and this takes a heavy toll in their performance when they complete their training and participate in competitive matches.

It is the seam of balls that is to be held accountable for that. The stitches that keep the two halves of the outer layer of the ball together are subjected to friction with the air, when airborne. This friction leads to the alteration of the course of the ball from its normal trajectory and deceleration of the ball in the air. This is where the quality Rugby League Training Balls will make a difference. The stitches are embedded within the outer layer, thus negating these issues.

Cleaning and preservation of these balls are easier

Since the surface of these balls are plain and do not consist of any undulations on its surface, their cleaning and preservation is pretty easy. No matter how messy and muddy the ball is, all you need is soapy water to clean them. Once they are cleaned, you need to keep them in an airy place so that it dries quickly.

And when you are able to maintain it, these rugby balls will last long. So don’t think twice before purchasing the Sherrin Size 2 AFL Leather Footballs from That Training Ball. We are the best sporting goods store to purchase the best rugby training balls online.

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