Role that a Rugby League Training Ball Plays In Helping Relay Drills

Rugby is a body contact game to start with. It has speed and it demands a great deal of physical strength, stamina and perseverance. One of the most important elements of the game of rugby is fabrication of an attack and upholding its continuation till the goal of the opponent. To enable that, what a team needs is a seamless relay, which will get the ball, and the attack up to the goal of the opponent.

Thus, when it comes to training, a budding practitioner of the game of rugby must master the skills of relay-run with the ball. Naturally, the ball plays a pivotal role in the training, and that is why you need a quality Rugby League Training Ball of a renowned brand from a reputable sporting goods store that will help in the training. Let us see how the ball helps.


Finding the Space:

In this part of the drill, the player carrying the ball will attempt to touch as many players as possible with the ball. Thus, the grip on the ball has to be firm, and that is the reason, the ball has to be of proper weight and have proper, firm grip that will help the player retain the ball in his or her possession.

The other trainees will work individually, running in different directions in the grid, trying not to be touched, by running into the vacant space.

As the coach yells to stop, the players must halt, with every player having to be at least a metre away from the nearest player.

In this entire training session, the ball, its weight and its grip thus play a pivotal role.

Following the leader

As the name of the drill suggests, it is all about following the carrier of the ball, till the coach calls out to pass. Here again the ball carrier must train with a Rugby Union Training Ball of good quality bought from a sporting goods store. Upon being called, the carrier of the ball needs to hold the ball out to one side, so that the next player is able to take the ball from the carrier. So you see, here is again, the overall getup and the quality of the ball will come into play.

Passing and supporting

At this stage, the player at the front of each group runs about 5 m with the ball, stops and then holds out the ball for the second player. This second player will run, grab the ball from the first player and run for another 5 m and stop to pass on the ball to the third player.

Therefore, in this way, in passing and supporting, the ball and the quality thereof plays a pivotal role in the training of a player.

Therefore you see, when it comes to training and mastering rugby skills like these and more, you need to have a quality rugby training ball. The best online sporting goods store to turn to for that, is That Training Ball. Call us know more about our stock and to place your order.

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