How Quality One Touch Training Football Can Help Quick Passing Drills?

The best trainers in charge of educating the budding rugby players of tomorrow with the skills of rugby will at times carry out some fun drills to help the trainees get familiar with the passing drills. In these drills the ball plays a pivotal role in helping the trainees master the skills. Thus, if you are looking forward to buying a rugby training ball for your kid poised to learn passing drills, size 3 training balls from One Touch is the best option.

On this page, let us discuss the passing drills and the role a quality ball plays in the drills.

Size 3 Training Footballs

The Clapping game

In this drill, the ball will move hand to hand in a clockwise circle and the ball has to be passed within 5 seconds on the stroke of a clap. This will enhance the reflex and the swiftness of the trainees. However, the quality of the ball acquired from a reputable sporting goods store should come into play. Its size, grip and the material, not to mention its weight will make a huge difference.

The Traffic Lights

The objective of this drill is to encourage players into quick passing. In this drill, one of the players will stand out of the queue and will pose as a traffic light. The moment the player shouts ‘green’ the ball has to be passed perfectly by one player to the one standing next in the queue. And if the passing is not perfect, and if the ball drops, then the player passing or the one receiving it will be disqualified depending on the situation. Here again, the quality of the ball, its grip and the material it is made of, the size and the weight will come into play. You can opt for Size 3 Training Footballs from a reputable sporting goods store.

The League Island

This is all about splitting the group into two separate teams, with one of the two teams being split into further half. The team that has been split into two would pass the ball between each other, while the other group will try to intervene, playing the role of defender. Here again, balls like One Touch Football or others will be of great help, much due to their justified size, sound grip and high quality materials.

Whenever a player passes the ball, he or she gets a point. If the defender team can intercept the rally they manage a point. So the ball and its quality will make a lot of difference.

The Rounders

Here the trainees are split into two teams — batting and bowling. The bowler needs to pass the ball to the batting team, and the player who possesses the ball gets 3 attempts to catch the ball correctly. Thus, this drill helps in the development of catching and passing skills. After catching, the player will get 2 seconds to kick the ball back to the opposition team. Hence, this drill also helps master the kicking skills.

So what you need is a quality training ball from That Training Ball as we are the best sporting goods store that can get you to the training rugby ball of your choice. Call us at the earliest to place your order.

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