Ball juggling is one excellent way to introduce new and interested players to the game and develop their feel and mastery over ball management. Many coaches would even consider this to be a rudimentary training for new soccer players.

However, there’s an old saying that ‘Practise Makes Perfect.’This stands true for anything- even the art of ball juggling. One equipment that could make this a tad easier for fresh starters is a football training ball-on-a-string.

These new players can flick the ball in the air and use their forehead, instep and thigh to maintain constant touches of the ball. And in this way develop more balance, ball-control, confidence and finesse in their game.

In fact, a football training ball on a string proves to be the perfect equipment for young players to adopt the habit of kicking the ball 10,000 times every training session.

There are heaps of benefits of soccer training balls on a string for a potential football player- just learning about the game. Here’s a post that explains how such footy training equipment promotes a different level of training to young learners.

Follow closely!

Empowers Bi-Lateral Training:


One prime reason for its rising popularity is, such training balls empower bi-lateral training. When players start practising, they automatically tend to shoot with the foot they are most comfortable with.

But this may not be enough to make the cut as in the long-run, players should be able to kick with both feet.

Our football training ball on a string can make this possible. They are durable, fun and easy to use. If anything; all players need to do is put the band on the side of the wrist they are comfortable kicking.

Example: For a lefty wanting to improve her/his kicking with the right leg, all they would need to do is put the band on their right arm, and vice-versa!

Assists in Gaining Rhythm:


Practising football is all about confidence and the right rhythm. By using quality training footy equipment from ‘That Training Ball’, young players can enhance their dribbles and ball-control abilities.

Designed for winners, our quality football training ball allows players to use resilience, power and rhythm either on their practise sessions or in a real match situation.

Players Tend To Increase Their Practice Session:


Another great fact about our training balls is that players tend to spend more time playing with it. There is not much running involved as these balls are attached to a string which keeps coming back after every kick.

This makes the sessions less hectic and more fun. And since players don’t exhaust all of their energy when kicking, they tend to cherish longer practising sessions.

Ending Statement:

If you a parent who wants his kid to be more involved with the most popular sport on the planet, then contact “That Training Balls” for our hand-stitched soccer Training Ball- On-A-String models.

Each of them is robust, long-lasting cushioned synthetic leather, and using them will help enhance their game without having to spend on quality coaches or training institutions.

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