Want to Maintain the Off-Season Soccer Fitness? 6 Tips to Follow

Just like few sports around the world, there is preparation phase (preseason), competition (in-season) and recovery (off-season) for the soccer too. Coaches generally handle the preseason and in-season part, but the player has some great roles to play during the off-season.

A player needs to keep him, or herself groomed enough that can greatly impact the next season. According to a famous saying, it is easier to stay in shape than to get in shape. However, most players don’t know how to maintain fitness without the supervision of the coach, and this is where soccer training equipment works. Find this quick guide to keep yourself up in gaining fitness.

Don’t Stop Getting Trained: Training results in 2 major adaptations in the body. The first thing is it improves the ability of the cardiovascular system that delivers Oxygen to the cells, and the second is the improved ability of the muscle cells to receive the Oxygen.

When you stop being in training, the muscle cells will lose most of what you have gained, but for the cardiovascular system, it takes time. And, you would experience this, when you go out for workout after a short break. During the workout, the cardiovascular system takes up the slack from the cells that get detrained so quickly. However, if you wait for a month or more, you will again have to start from ground zero.

Here Are a Few Ways to Maintain Your Endurance:

1.Reduction in Frequency:

If you reduce training from 6 training days per week to 2 days per week, but keep the intensity and duration as it was before, it is still possible to maintain the endurance.

2.Reduction in Duration:

You may reduce the duration of training in terms of minutes. For say, from 40 minutes to 25 minutes or 15 minutes per session keeping intensity intact, it is possible to maintain the endurance.

3.Reduction in Intensity:

If you reduce the intensity, but keep the duration long and do it frequently, then it is also possible to maintain the fitness.

4.Keep Checking the Calorie Intake:

Since it is off-season, the training volume gets reduced, and there should be a reduced rate of calorie intake. To maintain the weight during the offseason, you should shed off the amount of food intake.

5.Strength Training:

A lot of athletes agree that being stronger improves their gaming ability. Since stronger players resist physical challenges and come up with the greater ability to resist injury. And, the off-season is a great time to improve strength and power with our soccer sidekick training ball in Australia. In this phase, the player can improve their overall strength while working on their ball shooting skills.


At times, the games for the school team, club team, and seasonal tournaments mount up to the point, where a player gets rest only when they get injured. However, it needs to be a planned period for rest to re-establish the fitness for the next season.

These are all important factors to upkeep the endurance, when it needs to bring the change in terms of speed at which the game is played. Even, better endurance means, you recover faster from each hard run.

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