What Type of Football on a String Do You Need to Get For Your Kid This Christmas?

Are you looking forward to getting a rugby ball on a string to your kid this Christmas? Well, that is a great decision, and you need to get the best product so that your decision is fully justified. There are a number of footballs on string available in the market. But you need to get the best one of them for your kid. So on this page, let us discuss the criteria that you need to look for, while hunting for one. 

The size, to start with 

Rugby training balls, like their match ball counterparts, come in various sizes. You must choose an appropriate size for your kid, depending on whether he is a boy or girl, the age and the physical stature of your kid. Take account of all these factors to determine the size of the football on a string that you need to choose for your kid. 

Football on a String

The Texture of the ball makes a difference

Your kid will be able to grip the ball better, if it has a rough outer layer. Your kid’s hand needs to possess an exceptionally firm grip on the ball, similar to that of an automobile tyre on the road. How the “pimples” on the ball are shaped, spaced, and deep affects how the ball and player perform. Rugby balls are handled carefully so that the grasp strikes a balance between the ball’s ease of catchability and its ability to be passed or kicked far.

A more pronounced pimple will usually provide a stronger grip, but the drag will shorten the kicking distance. The duration of the grip on the ball over time can also be influenced by the pattern of grip. Rounder pimples with a lower profile will last longer but provide less hold.

Vouch for the ball that’s better and easier to be kicked

When kicked, the finest rugby balls will kick accurately and far. When kicking, you will want a rugby ball that has the following characteristics to get the most out of it:

  • Low profile grip: it means lesser air resistance and drag
  • In-seam valve: it guarantees ideal balance during the flight
  • Panel structure with three or four plies: This ensures the ball is sufficiently heavy and stays out of the wind

Also you must see that the ball you are vouching for, is able to stand properly on the football kicking tee, as that will imply your kid will be able to master the kicking and shooting skills faster and with authority. 

The Panel Construction should not be ignored

The way the balls react to kicks and the amount of energy that is delivered to the bladder, or the core, are also influenced by the materials used in the ply construction. 

The layers that comprise the structure beneath the outer layer are constructed from a variety of materials. Laminate made of synthetic materials such as polyester, cotton, or poly-cotton are pretty common. 

Cotton is less efficient in transferring energy than synthetic textiles, meaning it doesn’t give the ball as much kick as synthetic materials do. We’ll use cotton to make a ball that is of inferior grade. Complete synthetic ply construction with unique energy-transferring materials characterises the finest top match balls.

So these are a few factors you need to take into account when you look for the best rugby ball on string for your kid this Christmas. Stick these norms and see your kid’s eyes glitter with glee as you get him or her the rugby ball on a string. The best place to get it from is That Training Ball, as we are the best online sporting goods store you can look for. 

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