Why One Touch Rugby Ball is the Best to Practise Catching?

Catching is one of the most crucial aspects of rugby training. Thus, if you are to excel as a rugby player at any level you must master your catching skills. So getting the best training ball from a sporting goods store is crucial. The superior material of a quality rugby training ball, its weight vis-a-vis your age and physical stature, and the size of the ball will play a crucial role in helping you master the catching skills.

How does the training start?

  • At first you will be asked by your trainer to get to the right position to catch a high ball.
  • You need to improve your body position in the air to catch the high ball.

The Next Step:

Next, the trainer will tell you to explore the different options of catching the ball. To do so, the trainer will ask you to:

Call clearly for catching the ball

Select the right moment to jump so that you can get hold of the ball when it is still in the air

And in case you are supporting the catcher, give him or her the option to resist the counter attack by quickly catching the ball passed by him or her and continue to attack.

Now in all these cases yet again, the quality of the training ball comes into play.The ball has to be lightweight, and behave properly in the air so that you can calculate its speed in the air properly and make adjustments accordingly. Take for instance, One Touch Rugby Ball. Its superior quality material, the stitches and the weight of the ball help you to master these skills pretty fast and with confidence & authority.

One Touch Rugby Ball

The Tactics that Help in Faster Learning

The trainer will split the players into three separate groups. The groups will be throwing the ball to each other while moving around the training area. And when the ball is thrown at your group, you will have to jump to catch the ball.

You must keep your eyes on the ball till the very last moment and you need to be in a strong position to catch the ball. Again, the flight of the ball has to be uniform for you to judge it and take the position accordingly.

Simulating a Match Situation

This is yet another very effective way of training and again, the quality of the ball plays a crucial role.

One team will kick the ball into the air high, intended for the other team to catch it and again kick the ball back as the defensive team. The catching team members will support the catcher while the team that has kicked attacks the caching team, simulating a real match situation. Now in drill, the quality of the ball, its weight, the material it is made up of and even its stitches that put together the panels play a crucial role. A Rugby Union Training Ball is one of the best options to look for.

So opt for That Training Ball as we offer both the balls online. Call us to place the order at the earliest.

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