An On-Point Rugby Ball Passing Guide for Trainers

Training juniors on how to pass a rugby ball needs to be methodical. There are a lot of things to teach which we will discuss here. Additionally, a proper training ball is required when your student is learning the sport. Now, without any more introduction, let us delve into the passing manual. Also, note that this guide is applicable to women players as well.

  • Target Indication

If you are training juniors, make sure that you provide them with training ball size 4 since this is the ideal size for them to learn and practice the sport. In fact, a ball of this size will also help them to receive the ball conveniently.

You should teach your student aiming to receive the ball to give the passer a target by putting his or her hands at chest level. This will not only help the passer to take note of the target but the receiver can catch the ball easily as well since his or her hand is already at chest level.

  • Passing at the Right Level

You should teach your students to aim for the receiver’s hands that are at chest level. This will help the receiver to catch the ball conveniently. Moreover, if the ball is at the right height, getting a grip of the same becomes easier. Additionally, teach your students not to pass directly forward as this can lead to interference and make it harder to catch.

Ross Faulkner Training Ball

  • Communication Is Important

Before passing the size 4 AFL women’s ball, for instance, your students should communicate with other team members. In fact, this is the key to great teamwork and winning the game together.

While at play, the passer should communicate with the receiver and vice versa since this will ensure an increased possibility of a successful pass.

  • Distance Is Not Important in Passing

As a trainer, you need to teach passing accuracy to your students. This involves throwing the ball accurately to the receiver. 

Here, distance does not play an important role. What matters is the passing accuracy and the capability of the receiver to get hold of the ball without failure.

  • Wider Grip Is Important

If the grip of the rugby ball is wide, it will make the receiver easier to catch the same. So, in a training session, using the Size 4 Ross Faulkner AFL ball is recommended. 

These balls have a good grip which enables the learners to catch the ball and even throw them accurately to their teammates.

  • Learning Both Ways Passing

In the training session, you need to teach your students how to pass both ways. This will make passing accurate and help your students to become more responsive during the play. 

This might take some time but this is an important skill that they should develop for mastering the sport.

  • Scrumhalf / Halfback Pass

This is another passing skill that your students need to develop. 

But for the training of the same, you need to provide them with the Ross Faulkner training ball since it makes gripping the same easier and executing the pass seamlessly.

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