Role of High Quality Rugby Training Balls in Mastering Hit & Spin Techniques

When it comes to mastering rugby techniques, you must put equal emphasis on both off the ball and with the ball techniques. Rugby involves an exceptionally high degree of manoeuvrability — even more than soccer, which is another body contact game. Thus, your flexibility has to be optimum and you need to be equally flexible with the ball and without it. One of the most important manoeuvrability is the with-the-ball hit and spin technique, which will help you avert the tackles by the defenders of the opposition in front of the goal, and make inroads through the deep defence.

Now, when we speak about mastering the hit and spin techniques, you cannot ignore the rugby training balls available in Australia, as they are supposed to play a very important role. The grip, the weight, the stitches and the material these balls are made from make a lot of difference when it comes to mastering the technique — for, after all, it’s all about retaining the ball and not losing its possession to the opposition. Thus, you need to be extremely caring when it comes to mastering the techniques. It’s all about securing the ball all throughout.

Step 1: While you are about to conduct that hit and spin move, you need to tuck the ball under your arm, keeping it farthest from the nearest defender, immediately before you make the contact.

Step 2: It is likely that in an attempt to dispossess you, the defender will hit the carrier of the ball hard and low with the other or opposite shoulder. Now here, the grip and the weight of the ball will come in handy in a great way, more so, when it’s still the early days of training. While during a match a seasoned player will be able to do away with a heavy ball despite this clash, an early trainee might not. This is where training with a light ball, with a promising grip like the One Touch Rugby Ball, will come in handy.

Step 3: With the ball still in grip and secured, the carrier will not pivot on his or her legs in a lightning-fast manoeuvre, turning his or her back to the defender.

Step 4: This earlier step is the key to success in this manoeuvre. The lightness of the ball and its grip will help the carrier maintain the speed all throughout the spin, and as the carrier spins out of the reach of the tackle in a flash, the player moves the ball quickly to the two hands, from close to the chest, and runs away — accelerating. Again, here the quality of the ball will come into play, for the next move might be passing the ball to another teammate to avert the next tackle, which might not be from a single defender but from more than one! Transforming the grip on the ball from a defensive one to that of passing in flash is the key.

Thus, you must buy the best training Rugby Ball to master this hit and spin technique.

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